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Finding Your Next Hoop Outfit

By Larisa // May 11, 2016

Estimated Reading Time: 7 MinutesThis article contains the best fabrics to use, fabrics to avoid, and community approved stores.  Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Adidas by Stella McCartney: Mainstream on Flickr Skin-to-skin contact with the hula hoop (or any prop!) is preferred, but finding the right clothes to wear while dancing is still important. Clothing that is deemed safe…

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17 Pro Tips for Festival Season

By Larisa // April 22, 2016

1 Having water bottles to grab or hand out for hydration at any time is a huge necessity for festivals. Freezing them and putting them in the coolers is just efficient packing. Make sure there is some room in the bottles, though. Water will expand and can crack the container when it freezes. 2 If you need extra space in…

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Hooper Guide: How To Get a Hoop Performance

By Matt Tyrell // March 8, 2016

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in flow art performances. Whether you are looking to get booked for your first time, 100th time, or looking to hire some performers for your event, this can be a good resource. In the next 10 minutes, we will cover types of performances, how to get them, how to prepare…

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How To Get a Hoop Sponsorship

By Matt Tyrell // February 29, 2016
Kemmit Hoops Bare HDPE hoops

Yes, sponsorship can be that easy sometimes, but it isn’t always so simple. The concepts behind flow sponsorships carry this nugget of core information: Companies make props, flow artists use props, and sponsors help to bridge the gap. Companies sponsor artists and athletes because they want to have their products tested, showcased, reviewed and marketed. Hoopers look for sponsorships for…

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The Beginner’s Hoop Curriculum

By Larisa // February 26, 2016

An online workshop by The Rotisserie Chick Note: Some of the tutorials are pretty long, so don’t watch them all at once unless you’ve got a ton of free time on your hands. It’s better to view them in group order, then focus on practicing what you watched that day. When you feel comfortable, work on more!   If you…

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Fire Hooping: Prop Options

By Flowmie // February 19, 2016
Fire Gypsy Hooping

Fire Hoop Options Getting started with fire spinning is exciting. A new adventure waiting to be undertaken. However, knowing which prop is right for you requires some guesswork and research. To save you time we explored some choices and brought together  information to help you know everything you need make a decision. Synergy Cadencia Photography The tools of the Fire Arts…

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Health Benefits of Hula Hooping

By Larisa // February 14, 2016

What is it that is so special about the hula hoop? It has many health benefits. Studies show that a program of regular, vigorous exercise is one of the most effective ways to increase your sense of well-being and reduce anxiety. The truth is that exercise is a key part of our mental health, not just our physical health and…

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Tutorials for doubles

By Flowmie // January 31, 2016

Infinite Circles Member Aurora Lee sent out a call for assistance. Getting our attention in the best way possible, by making a video. In the video she was open about her lack of knowledge and practice, and the result was something that had raw honesty and vulnerability.This of course got the communities attention and within moments there were quality recommendations. Community…

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The Official Buyer Be Aware List

By Larisa // January 27, 2016

We encourage all hoopers that are in the market to buy a hoop to do their research, just like any other thing that you would purchase. If you are shopping online please use Paypal or another service (your bank or credit card can do this) where you can dispute or get a refund if there is an issue. Always use the…

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6 Stretches For Hoop Sessions

By Larisa // January 22, 2016

Before beginning any dance session it is important to limber up. Copyright @ Sony Pictures Entertainment Company Edits by BubiMandril Avoiding stretches can hurt your body and leave your style cramped. Often what stands in the way of learning a move, or breaking into the flow state is a lack of warm up. Since you may not remember all those lessons…

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