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Tutorials for doubles

Infinite Circles Member Aurora Lee sent out a call for assistance. Getting our attention in the best way possible, by making a video.

Double Tutorial Request


In the video she was open about her lack of knowledge and practice, and the result was something that had raw honesty and vulnerability.
This of course got the communities attention and within moments there were quality recommendations.

Community Recommendations


Beth Piver's dedication over on Hoop-Trix came up as usual when people are looking for specific moves, or variations. As far as we are aware Beth has created the most complete trick list.

In addition there were quality contributions and recommendations from Kayla Flow Jam offering up her Double Tracer Weave Tutorial:


Kayla is promising to introduce new tutorials each week so be sure to follow her, and make your requests heard.

There were also suggestions to take a look at Austin based professional flutist and hoop instructor extraordinaire Jasmine Kienne who served up her entire doubles playlist.

Of course it would be lazy to just leave the community doing all the work so we did some digging and came up with a few additional recommendations of our own.

Further Recommendations

Double Hoop Foundations

Michelle Belle has a comprehensive video covering basic concepts for newer hoopers, as well as going through some foundational tech.

This video is recommended to ensure that you understand the basics of planes and beats before you move onto learning more advanced moves.

Katie Emmit's 3 beat weave tutorial is core for double technique.

This video is an 18 minute mini workshop that will help you master a core skill.

It covers 3 beat weave, reverse 3 beat weave and, the fountain.

Looking for more of a challenge?

Well, Jasmine's play list has a gem in it that you can use naturally once you get your 3-beat weaves down.

Her hug weave with a 3-beat entrance and exit will give you room to maneuver and begin working on combinations.

There you have it! A question asked within the community answered by community members, with several high quality virtual teachers offering their knowledge for those who have chosen to learn doubles.

We hope to see more videos from Aurora Lee as she levels up her skills.
Thank you for all recommendations and submissions, truly this sort of exchange is what makes our community special.