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How We Are Different

While most organizations, individuals, and publishers are seeking personal gain and enrichment.

This site is a platform committed to putting out useful information, seeking to empower you to make informed decisions that are to your benefit.

While we do have working relationships with vendors, we seek to find products and services that are the best available.  In short we will never shill for any company, product or service.

About this Site

Notice of Non-Affiliation

This site is no longer affiliated with the Facebook Group of the same name.


What Does  That Mean?

This site will move forward with a focus on it's core purpose.

To advance your development and connect you with resources.

To address the needs of the community as a whole.

Direction of this site

The intent of this platform is to bring together resources information and tools that help you improve your craft, hobby, and lives.

In order to facilitate this we are revamping our information structure.

What you can expect is better organization of information, development of tools to help you discover resources and learn more efficiently.

We are currently seeking feedback and ideas.
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