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Hula Hooping Journey

Artwork of girl hula hoop dancing

Hooping Benefits:

  • Burn Calories
  • Discover Flow
  • Have Fun
  • Challenge Yourself

New Hoopers

Your Beginner Hooping Guide

Hoop Tricks

10 Best Hoop Tricks for Beginners


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Infinite Circles
Organization Plans:

If you are looking for a resource to learn about flow arts hula hooping and development you are in the right place.

This website is dedicated to your development in your chosen hobby craft and will develop overtime to be a resource that helps you improve.
Focusing on your well being across multiple areas. The focus of this site is to help you with no aims for personal profitability.

We will develop the tools needed to meet our objectives, we will listen to your input and respond, you can count on this Organization to stay focused on the mission and challenges in front of us, and always rely on us to put people over profit.

From Beginners to experts we will serve the full spectrum of experience available. Beyond that our focus is on expanding your potential beyond the typical fluff coverage that exists in the flow arts world. We seek to expand your potential and boost the capability of the field as a whole to serve as a sustainable lifestyle option for more people. Rather than just a diversion, or hobby.

Development Focus

Our content development will focus on areas of usefulness to our audience, we have identified a major gap in quality resources  that map out the process of entering the world of hooping, our primary aim is to smooth out the gaps in order to encourage the adoption of flow arts as a hobby.

We will be developing tools and content that serve 3 major areas.


We want to help you learn, help you plan and progress in your skills, and connect to others on the same journey.

By focusing on these primary areas we will be able to ensure that we are putting effort and energy into areas that serve the community rather than ourselves. It is with these principles that this platform is being developed with love.