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Hooping Trends

Hooping Data Trends

Looks at data trends for the past 12 months, data is pulled live as reported by Google.

Custom data analysis based on market research.

Where is hooping popular? 

Hula Hooping is most popular in the US and UK

However there has been a spike of searches elsewhere in the last 12 months.

We attribute this to trend to the release of the song Hula Hoop, by Daddy Yankee. 

The same trend was spotted when Omi released his Hula Hoop song in 2015

Top search locations

US State

US Top search interest by State

  1. Utah
  2. Kansa
  3. Arkansas
  4. Hawaii
  5. Tennessee
US Cities
US Top Metro
World Wide

When is hooping popular? 

Hula Hooping interest tends to spike and stay active starting around late March and staying a popular search term through the summer.

This maybe related to the start of Spring Break and Festival Season