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17 Pro Tips for Festival Season



Having water bottles to grab or hand out for hydration at any time is a huge necessity for festivals. Freezing them and putting them in the coolers is just efficient packing. Make sure there is some room in the bottles, though. Water will expand and can crack the container when it freezes.


If you need extra space in the car have everyone sit on their pillow or throw a sleeping bag flat over their seats instead of keeping it rolled up.



Pre-stack the middle of your sandwiches (cheese/meats/lettuce), fold each stack in wax paper, then zip-lock. After that, all you need to do is add one stack +sauces onto the bread. This makes cleaning up way easier and you only have to worry about one bag being sealed.



Keep a zip-lock on you for your phone in case it starts raining.




Pack your outfits in freezer bags.

Travel Packing from
Travel Packing from

This helps save space since you can push the air out before packing. It helps you stay organized, avoid messing up your duffle, and makes it easy to get dressed at any time.

This also makes sure that if you’re wearing white shorts one day, you don’t accidentally wear that one pair of white undies the wrong day!


Freeze any food you can before leaving (best for long drives).


It'll stay cold longer and help keep everything else cold too.


Bring a small tote bag for your toiletries/spare change of clothes.

This is so you don't have to unpack everything in the car to find your shampoo or bring your whole bag into the hotel. It also makes carrying all your stuff to the showers a lot easier.


Bungee any hula hoops to the handles on the inside roof of the car.

IC Hooper Michelle Lite Global Dance Festival 2015
IC Hooper Michelle Lite Global Dance Festival 2015

This helps prevent kinks, allows more comfort for all passengers, you don’t have to collapse them, and they’re less visible for cops/the driver.


Image: Ronald Saunders from Warrington, UK

And you can see quickly and easily if anyone moves it.


The little glowstick/combo flashlights purchasable at Wal-mart are ideal for porta-potties.

Carry on your person for easy access.




Keep a Tupperware kit of universal camping supplies. It's easy to pack, it's accessible for your site, and it can make not car camping a lot easier.

Things to include in there may be:

Paper plates/plastic/reusable silverware
Plastic zip locks,
Trash bags,
Extra water bottle, Red Cross "ready to go" preparedness kit
Hand sanitizer,
Dish soap,
Paper towels,
Bug spray,
An umbrella,
Extra rain ponchos,
Extra sunglasses,
Ear plugs,
A battery powered tent fan,
Safety pins,
A mini sewing kit/mini tool kit.


Don't forget earplugs! Regular ones to make sleeping easier (or eye masks) and nice ones to protect against hearing damage! I recommend Ear Peace or Dance Safe!


Be sure to plan ahead and check the local liquor stores for their selection so you don't end up with less than desirable brands.

Beer Run From LetThereBeBeer
Beer Run From LetThereBeBeer

While waiting till you get close to the festival can help with the room in the car, it can also leave you with liquor stores that have been picked over!

Also be sure to bring some extra empty plastic bottles to pour alcohol into, most festivals don't allow glass.

PS: If you're a tequila fan like me, lime juice>actual limes, you don't gotta worry about cutting them up or running out.


Pre-made coffee in water bottles will prevent hassle and allow for an easy morning recovery.

Niki Kis on Flickr
Niki Kis on Flickr

I'd also recommend Monster Rehabs! They're not carbonated and can help replenish vitamins that drinking takes out of you. Some people also pre-make Emergen-C/Vitamin C mixes to help replenish. You can also use gummy vitamins, just make sure they're stored in a cool place where they won't melt!


Jason Pratt on Flickr
Jason Pratt on Flickr

Bring a small grocery bag to pick up your trash at the end of the night. On your way out pick up two pieces of trash even if you didn't contribute to it. It encourages others to do the same, and a respectful crowd is always appreciated by volunteers as well as the festival clean up crew.
If you smoke, please be responsible and carry around a leather/zipper bag to dispose of your butts. People have to pick those up and festivals are more likely to welcome you back if you're considerate of your waste.


This article was submitted by Amanda Keller, a member of Infinite Circles.