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10 Beginner hoop tricks that everyone should learn

Beginner Hooping Tutorials

Learning how to get started Hooping is overwhelming, we want to help you pickup 10 of the most critical moves for new Hula Hoopers, so we have gathered 10 beginner hoop tricks tutorials that are inspirational and well crafted tutorials from some of the best instructors in the community. Including Katie Emmitt, Marawa the Amazing and…

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Fire Hooping: Prop Options

Fire Gypsy Hooping

Fire Hoop Options Getting started with fire spinning is exciting. A new adventure waiting to be undertaken. However, knowing which prop is right for you requires some guesswork and research. To save you time we explored some choices and brought together  information to help you know everything you need make a decision. Synergy Cadencia Photography The…

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Tutorials for doubles

Infinite Circles Member Aurora Lee sent out a call for assistance. Getting our attention in the best way possible, by making a video.   In the video she was open about her lack of knowledge and practice, and the result was something that had raw honesty and vulnerability.This of course got the communities attention and…

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Hoop Guide: How To Waist Hula Hoop

Hula hoop sculture

When you are just getting started, learning waist hooping is a challenge. It can be overwhelming to meet this challenge because if you are not used to moving your body in the way that hooping requires you can quickly reach a point of frustration and think you will never get it. As a foundation skill…

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Hoopcraft: Learn to make a Hula Hoop Rug

Hula Hoop Rug

Learn to make a Hula hoop Rug. This one is for those of us who are crafty and looking for additional creative uses for our hoops. In this tutorial we are shown how to turn t-shirts into rugs. The focal point being a hula hoop acting as a fabric loom. This simple to follow tutorial…

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