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Leg Hooping

By Larisa // January 3, 2016
Painted Legs

Leg Hooping Guide ​Body hooping of any kind takes serious dedication. You will probably not learn how to leg hoop in a day, but if you are determined it is one of the most satisfying and impressive tricks to know.  It will open your body to new movements and expand the style of your hoop dance. If you are ready to…

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Hoop Guide: How To Waist Hula Hoop

By Flowmie // December 29, 2015
Hula hoop sculture

When you are just getting started, learning waist hooping is a challenge. It can be overwhelming to meet this challenge because if you are not used to moving your body in the way that hooping requires you can quickly reach a point of frustration and think you will never get it. As a foundation skill it is a skill that…

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Hula Hoop Secret Manual: How to Make a Great Hoop Tutorial

By Larisa // December 28, 2015

Making a better Hoop Tutorial What makes you love a tutorial?   Maybe you think the maker did a superb job of breaking down the move and editing the video. Perhaps the tutorial is short and sweet and clearly gets the message across, or maybe you think the move is very original and it unlocked a whole new side of…

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Moonrise Festival Hoopers

By Shasta Lee // August 14, 2015
Moonrise Hula Hooping

August 8th, 2015 Moonrise Festival kicked off in Baltimore, MD. As with most festivals these days, there were an abundance of flow artists throughout the crowd supplying visual entertainment, and expressing themselves through their prop of choice. The two day festival had heaps of hoopers spinning among the crowds, as hooping, along with poi, seem to be at the forefront of…

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Start hooping in 7 steps

By Jill Janosek // August 11, 2015
Hoop Journey Banner

Getting started Hula Hooping in 7 steps Starting your own personal hoop journey is an exciting and daunting process. There is so much to learn and now that you are ready to get started, here are a few tips to get you going. 1. Find a good starter hoop If  at all possible it is highly recommended to play around…

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Polypro hoops Vs HDPE hoops: What is the difference?

By Puki // June 28, 2015
HDPE hoops Vs Polypro hoops which is better?

Should You Choose a Poly Pro Hoop or is HDPE better? This is a common question, and in order to answer it, it is important to look at the similarities and differences. In this article we will explore The differences between HDPE and Poly Pro. How they behave in different temperatures. Hear from a popular hoopsmith and teacher about the…

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Living with anxiety and how hooping helps

By *Maranda // May 7, 2015

Hooping And Anxiety By Maranda We all know that hula hooping has many natural health benefits. One benefit I see time and time again is that it helps people suffering from chronic mental health disorders, one in particular: anxiety disorder.   Speaking from personal experience, anxiety disorder is an extreme challenge to live with. I have personally lost many jobs,…

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Hoopcraft: Learn to make a Hula Hoop Rug

By Flowmie // May 7, 2015
Hula Hoop Rug

Learn to make a Hula hoop Rug. This one is for those of us who are crafty and looking for additional creative uses for our hoops. In this tutorial we are shown how to turn t-shirts into rugs. The focal point being a hula hoop acting as a fabric loom. This simple to follow tutorial highlights an alternative way to…

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What is Hula Hooping? Community Perspective

By *Maranda // April 13, 2015
Om Kat Hula Hooping

What is Hooping? An exploration for the reasons we pursue our passion. Every hooper has a story, a passion, a different drive, a reason for doing what they do. We were recently asked to write an article and title it “What is hooping?”. When I was first presented this project my head immediately began to spin. What is hooping? That’s…

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