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Polypro hoops Vs HDPE hoops: What is the difference?

HDPE hoops Vs Polypro hoops which is better?

Polypro hula hoops or HDPE hula hoops which should I use?     Having trouble telling the difference between polypro and HDPE?Struggling with making a decision on which tubing to order? Want to know what the difference is in how these hoop materials perform? Here  are a  few comparisons between polypro and HDPE based on…

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5 Key Tips to Survive Festivals Season In Style


– By Dani Perez [dropcap]F[/dropcap]estivals can be a great experience, or they can lead to unpleasant surprises.  Arm yourself with these 5 of  key tips to survive festival season in style. Festivals can be very frustrating, especially with people asking to use your hoop every other minute and then being rude when you say no.…

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