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Moonrise Festival Hoopers

Moonrise Hula Hooping


August 8th, 2015 Moonrise Festival kicked off in Baltimore, MD. As with most festivals these days, there were an abundance of flow artists throughout the crowd supplying visual entertainment, and expressing themselves through their prop of choice.

The two day festival had heaps of hoopers spinning among the crowds, as hooping, along with poi, seem to be at the forefront of flow arts. On August 10th, Infinite Circles Facebook group was filling up with posts with members reminiscing about their weekend at Moonrise. IC member Melanie Sabath wrote

"I had the greatest time hooping there. People were coming up to me and giving me compliments, which I'm not used to doing this where I live. There was one girl who stopped me and say "I just have to say, it's such a pleasure watching you. You can see it in your face that what you're doing brings you so much joy, and that's beautiful." That meant the world to me and I won't forget it."

It was clear upon the days following the festival that many hoopers were inspired, connected with other flow artists, and felt as if they had a great, safe place to hoop their hearts out.

"Moonrise was great! Best thing was seeing and meeting so many lovely hoopers! One hooper even let me use her Hyperion to do doubles while I used my Evoke!" - Alex D.

Festivals can be a wonderful way to interact with other hula hoopers. At most fests, there is an immense sense of community and oneness which can open the doors to learning and teaching with other flow artists, or just simply observing the glorious shows put on throughout the crowds.