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Leg Hooping

Painted Legs

Leg Hooping Guide

Leg Hooping

​Body hooping of any kind takes serious dedication.

You will probably not learn how to leg hoop in a day, but if you are determined it is one of the most satisfying and impressive tricks to know. 

It will open your body to new movements and expand the style of your hoop dance. If you are ready to start the challenge of learning how to leg hoop, just remember that the most important factor is TIME.


Featured Tutorial For Leg Hooping

Deanne Love is one of our favorite teachers. Watch this professional and helpful tutorial to master leg hooping.

Extra Considerations:

    • ​Learning a new move is always awkward.
    • Grip is the key make sure you have a sanded or grip-taped hoop before beginning.
    • Avoid slick pants, and silky material initially.
    • A bigger, heavier hoop will make learning go much faster.

Cover image by Nicki Varkevisser

Article image by Anoldent