17 Pro Tips for Festival Season

1 Having water bottles to grab or hand out for hydration at any time is a huge necessity for festivals. Freezing them and putting them in the coolers is just efficient packing. Make sure there is some room in the bottles, though. Water will expand and can crack the container when it freezes. 2 If…

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Moonrise Festival Hoopers

Moonrise Hula Hooping

August 8th, 2015 Moonrise Festival kicked off in Baltimore, MD. As with most festivals these days, there were an abundance of flow artists throughout the crowd supplying visual entertainment, and expressing themselves through their prop of choice. The two day festival had heaps of hoopers spinning among the crowds, as hooping, along with poi, seem to…

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5 Key Tips to Survive Festivals Season In Style


– By Dani Perez Festivals can be a great experience, or they can lead to unpleasant surprises.  Arm yourself with these 5 of  key tips to survive festival season in style. Festivals can be very frustrating, especially with people asking to use your hoop every other minute and then being rude when you say no.…

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