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Dedicated to your growth, development, flow, and freedom in all things

Featured Hooper: Cirqulator

Get to know Nadine,
our first featured hooper.
Join her on a journey to hoop around the
world and share her perspective with you.

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Mission Statement

Noticing the gap in the world for a nurturing and supportive environment for artists with  courage to find their way.

This website was launched with an aim of helping flow artists expand their opportunities.

That core mission has been embedded in the spirit of our efforts and grown since then into a new organization in weflow

This website will evolve over time to better meet this goal as a platform that attracts new hoopers it needs to serve as a gateway to knowledge, understanding and the best lessons the hooping community has to offer. 


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Flow Focused Original Content

Tutorials for doubles

Infinite Circles Member Aurora Lee sent out a call for assistance. Getting our attention in the best way possible, by...
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Living with anxiety and how hooping helps

Hooping And Anxiety By Maranda We all know that hula hooping has many natural health benefits. One benefit I see...
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Hooping Weight Loss Journey

Interview by Shandi Clouse Alex Alvarado, a 24-year-old from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and a waiter in the Sands Casino, has been...
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Hula Hooping For Beginners

Hula Hooping for beginners, how to get started, how to learn, and how to find your first hoop. There is...
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10 Beginner hoop tricks that everyone should learn

Learning how to get started Hooping is overwhelming, we want to help you pickup 10 of the most critical moves...
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Finding Your Next Hoop Outfit

Estimated Reading Time: 7 MinutesThis article contains the best fabrics to use, fabrics to avoid, and community approved stores.  Behind...
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Halloween Hoop Costumes

Part of being a hoop dancer is hoop dancing as much as you can. You get known for taking your...
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Ovsanna Mkhchian: Gymnastics Program Director

Ovsanna Mkhchian To continue our preparation for the Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) in the upcoming Olympic...
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Polypro hoops Vs HDPE hoops: What is the difference?

Should You Choose a Poly Pro Hoop or is HDPE better? This is a common question, and in order to...
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Start hooping in 7 steps

Getting started Hula Hooping in 7 steps Starting your own personal hoop journey is an exciting and daunting process. There...
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The Beginner’s Hoop Curriculum

An online workshop by The Rotisserie Chick Note: Some of the tutorials are pretty long, so don't watch them all...
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Interview: Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy

Infinite Circles has spent the week sitting down with the professionals of Rhythmic Gymnastics to better understand the events happening...
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