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June 2017 ICChallenge

Join in the fun, learning and embrace your inner hooping dinosaur with the June 2017 Infinite Circles Challenge. Designed by Amanda Persons. Sponsored by SLIT WEAVE.  use the hashtag #ICChallenge on facebook or Instagram.

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ICCommunity Spotlight: Sarah Abram

Infinite Circles Community Spotlight: Sarah Abram Interview   Sarah, congratulations on winning Infinite Circle Community’s 25,000 member celebration contest!  Please tell us a little about your journey, how did you get started hooping? The first time I ever saw a hooper, it was Rachel Lust when she released her “Groove” video!  I was doing a…

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HoopSupSurfing with Earlene

Surf Hooping Paddle Board

Have you ever seen anything as fun and amazing as this?  Check out this amazing hula hooper, as she surfs the waves on her standup paddleboard in Santa Cruz, CA and keeps the hoop and her paddle spinning!  What an amazing challenge!  Go Earlene! Earlene is a native Hawaiian and grew up surfing and hula dancing.…

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Infinite Circles Featured Hooper: Spinny Finny

Spinny Finny Hooping

Infinite Circles Featured Hooper: Spinny Finny Finn (AKA Spinny Finny) is an international hoop performer and teacher from Vancouver, BC. His hooping style incorporates a silly playfulness into technical moves.A musician who first discovered hooping at a music festival, Finn enjoys day hooping, fire and LED performance, with dance central to his flow. His love…

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