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ICCommunity Spotlight: Sarah Abram

Infinite Circles Community Spotlight: Sarah Abram Interview


Sarah, congratulations on winning Infinite Circle Community’s 25,000 member celebration contest!  Please tell us a little about your journey, how did you get started hooping?
The first time I ever saw a hooper, it was Rachel Lust when she released her “Groove” video!  I was doing a lot of yoga at the time and really wanted something fun for cardio, and hooping seemed to fit perfectly.  I bought myself a hoop and googled a lot in the beginning.

What are your favorite skills?
Wedgies and wedgie variations are my favorite trick, but landing a perfect pizza toss is an incredible feeling!

Has your practice changed you?
It has for sure.  I am more patient, more outgoing, less anxious and certainly more healthy.  I make a decision every day to pick up my hoop and before this I never really stuck with any other hobbies, but now I see the benefits of dedication to yourself and a healthy practice.

What’s your dream hoop?
Even with all the flashy options, I will always love a 33″ UV, bright colored, bare polypro.

How about your favorite place to hoop?
I tend to enjoy flowing alone at the skate park with my husband, everyone leaves me alone with the epic graffiti backgrounds!

Yes!  I saw this in your videos, it’s gorgeous!  Ok, can you tell us about any favorite ways you have to keep improving?
Teaching!  I have to keep my skills fresh and exciting for my students.  They also teach me a TON of new ideas through their own experimentation.

How would you describe your hooping style?
I prefer single hoops!  I dabble in multi-hoops but I’m not as coordinated as I’d like.  I also prefer spontaneity with small choreographed sequences.

I saw some photos of you fire hooping.  I know at ICC we have a lot of beginners who may not have tried or even realized this is a thing.  Can you talk about what a person should think about when considering this direction?  Where you scared when you first did it?  How does a person know if this is right for them?
I was definitely terrified, as much as I love my practice, my life is infinitely more important.  I have had students ask me about it, but after going over proper precautions and risk, most have decided to hold off on burning.  I won’t tell someone when they are ready or not, but I think if you have to question it, you should hold off.  Burning isn’t a requirement to be a well rounded hooper, but safety definitely is.

Do you have any favorite hoopers?
Ali Williams, Tiana Zoumer, and Christina Engle have been my largest inspiration sources.
Ok.  So let’s say you had two hours, but for whatever reason, you couldn’t hoop.  What else would you do?

My other interests include painting, teaching, and gardening!
How can we follow you?

Or @vibrant.abyss on Instagram!
Interviewed by Liz Ellis