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What Are Flow Arts?

Eilidh @eilidhhoop


Flow Arts is a general term used to describe the intersection of a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation. The broad category Flow Arts includes a variety of pursuits that harmonize skill-based techniques with creative expression to achieve a state of present-moment awareness known as Flow.



2691090045_57cc8170ff_bCommon forms of Flow Arts include Poi & Staff spinning, hula hoop (or “hooping”), juggling, sphere manipulation (or “contact juggling”), and fan dance. New props and expressions are emerging all the time as flow artists cross pollinate with martial arts, yoga, circus, belly dance, and beyond.

The Flow Arts Institute

The FAI supports the development of the blossoming Flow-Arts community by providing quality educational opportunities, an informational resource hub, and workshop-based festivals.


Conditions for flow

In order to reach a flow state there are 7 requirements that have been identified, by ensuring that these elements are all engaged we can ensure that a state of flow is reached.

  1. High perceived skills
  2. High perceived challenges
  3. Knowing what to do
  4. Knowing how to do it
  5. Knowing how well you are doing
  6. Knowing where to go
  7. Freedom from distractions

    Schaffer (2013) proposed 7 flow conditions