The Spinsterz is opening up its doors to our sponsorship family!


Benefits and Rewards of being sponsored by The Spinsterz

Let’s just say that this is something you will like very, very much. Read about the Benefits here.


Who is eligible?

Any flow artist of any sort! Jugglers, buugeng manipulator, hoopers, ravers, glovers, slackliners, aerialists, poi artists, belly dancers and all manner of circus folk!


How do I apply?

  • Fill out this application
  • Join the closed Facebook Group: The Spinsterz Sponsorship Applicants
  • Application deadline is June 5th
  • Post a video to your social media account(s) of choice; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Etc.
  • Depending on the platform, tag @thespinsterz if appropriate. If appropriate, use hashtag #thespinsterzsponsorship
  • Your video should be formatted as such:
    • Video Length: 59 seconds or less.
    • Title: The Spinsterz [flow art of choice] Sponsorship – [your name]
      • Example: The Spinsterz Contact Juggling Sponsorship – Brandon Huston
    • Description:
      This is my submission video for The Spinsterz [flow art of choice] Sponsorship.

      I have been practicing the art of [insert prop name or circus art] for (x years.

      You can follow me at the following social accounts:[insert link][insert link][insert link]

      Don’t forget to go check out for all your Fire, LED, and Festival Frivolity needs!


  • Content:
    • Start your video by introducing yourself (What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your favorite……..(your choice here)?). We like creative, interesting people!
    • Add to the following statement: “The thing I love most about myself and my flow is……..”
    • Add to the following statement: “The Spinsterz would be CRAZY not to sponsor me because……….”
    • Show us your flow!


What happens after I apply?

We will go through all of the applications and then pick a number of finalists. If you are selected as one of our finalists, you will be notified and we will also announce who has been selected in our closed Facebook page.


If I am selected as a finalist, what happens then?

If you are selected as a finalist, we will then go into a sponsorship trial period. During this time, you will act as if you are Spinsterz Sponsored Artist and show us what you are made of. It’s like one of those obstacle course races—how “good” are you!?

This trial period will last for a period of 30 days.


Let the promotion race begin!

  • We will give you a referral link that you can post on your social channels of choice.
    • When someone clicks on your unique referral link, they will get 10% off their purchase and 500 rewards points on our website (valid for NEW Spinsterz customers only).
  • You will be rewarded $5 per sale that you send our way! This is the equivalent of our Professional Sponsorship Tier!!!
  • We will feature each and every one of you on our Instagram page during this time and give a shout out that will help to boost your following.
  • After the 30 days, we will take a look at your performance statistics individually and come to some conclusions on who we will be offering sponsorships to.
  • We will pay you out $5 in store credit for each sale that you ended up sending our way via your unique referral link.
  • We’re a pretty good bunch over here at The Spinsterz; even if you are not picked to be a part of our family, we may still send you some thank you gifts and hook you up with something nice and shiny! ;)


Bonus Info and FAQ 

There are all sorts of things that we are looking for in a potential sponsee and we’re going to give you some hints and see if you end up being the bright shining star we are looking for.


Does production quality matter? – Yes. YouTube has a variety of awesome tutorials, and with the quality of cellphone cameras these days, it’s TOTALLY possible to make something awesome with an iPhone and a glass of water! (No, do NOT put the phone in the glass of water…)


I’ve only got an iPhone to film my video…is that ok? – I shall answer this question with a question. Is the iPhone quality better than that point and shoot you had 8 years ago?


I didn’t get picked as a finalist. Does that mean the game is over?


Did you know that anyone can join our rewards program? Did you know that we have the ability to track everything that you do (…okay, not everything)? Did you know we are always watching, waiting, and wanting to reward those that show us the love?


I was a professional sponsored snowboarder with Burton Snowboards for 7 years. At the time I was sponsored, I was the youngest person EVER sponsored by Burton. Do you think that I worked my ass off to earn my sponsorship, trained all summer to ride hard all winter, gave it my all and everything, lived-breathed-slept snowboarding? – I sure as fuck did!!! How bad do you want this? OH YEAH? SHOW ME ;)