Hooping Practice Breaks Rachael Lust Style

The incomparable Rachael Lust has fun practicing all kinds of breaks at home. In this video she shows just a portion of what goes into making her an amazing hooper.

We should  all be taking notes.

Check our her class schedule to learn some of these awesome moves from her in person!  www.rachaellust.com



Song is 7/11 by Beyoncé

IC Joe Velociraptor

Born at a very early age, Joe is a writer, a teacher, and a counselor. He has hooped on stage, lead massive beginner hoop workshops, and helped organize community hooping performances for other events (parades, NYE celebrations, etc). Comfortable with heavier hoops, fire hoops, and LEDS, he is just starting to play with PolyPros, and hopes to one day soon get a Smart Hoop.

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