HoopSupSurfing with Earlene

Have you ever seen anything as fun and amazing as this?  Check out this amazing hula hooper, as she surfs the waves on her standup paddleboard in Santa Cruz, CA and keeps the hoop and her paddle spinning!  What an amazing challenge!  Go Earlene!

Earlene is a native Hawaiian and grew up surfing and hula dancing. She retired from hula dancing in 2009 and was looking for something new. That something new became HOOPING!

Earlene started hooping in 2010 and learned about HoopCamp retreats here in Santa Cruz, CA.  She had only been waist hooping for 2 months prior to attending HoopCamp.  She was quickly energize and inspired by this hooping tribe.

While at HoopCamp she learned the World Hoop Day choreography and was challenged by instructors (Annie and Tink) to record the dance and add it to their compilation.  Earlene took a chance and decided to combine the hoopdance with standup paddleboard.  She called it HoopSUP.  And the rest is now history!


Earlene now teaches HoopSUP at Hoopcamp and lives the HoopSUP lifestyle in Santa Cruz, CA.  Earlene has taught HoopSUP to visitors from around the world.  HoopSUP has been featured in Standup Journal’s Fall 2013 issue, as well as numerous online SUP and hoop sites.

She has been HoopSUP surfing for a number of years as well, but only now, thanks to her son, Keoni (her unofficial photographer) it has been captured!  (Video captured on an Iphone while on a SUP)

Earlene wants to encourage everyone to try new things!  At 50 years young, she has learned that life is very short.  Her philosophy “Work hard, play harder, do ‘you’ as only you can and live life to the fullest” and wants to pass that onto her children, Keoni (19) and Kali`a (14). Aloha!

You can connect with Earlene on Facebook, but are more likely to find her on the water, spinning hula hoops or spending time with family.  You can take HoopSUP with her at the upcoming HoopCamp Retreat in CA this September.

Earlene Alexiou is a Surfer, Hooper, SUP'er in Santa Cruz, CA

Earlene Alexiou is a Surfer, Hooper, SUP’er in Santa Cruz, CA

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