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Featured Hoopers Jan 5 2018

Nofar Abergel aka Hoopinginspace Hi !! My name’s Nofar, I’m 20 years old and I live in brooklyn, New York. I’ve been hooping for a year and 8 months, I started getting into doubles 8 months ago, and I’ve also been gloving for almost 3 years. This summer, my dream of becoming sponsored by my…

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The Guide to Hoop Grip

When all of the video deadlines, flow gatherings, partner projects, performances, sponsorship opportunities, and personal goals start to pile up, it is easy for a hooper to start to slip. The last thing a hooper should worry about is failing at a hoop trick because their hoop doesn’t have any grip! So, in hopes of…

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10 Hoop Tricks For Beginners

Learning how to get started Hooping is overwhelming, we want to help you pickup 10 of the most critical moves for new Hula Hoopers, so we have gathered 10 inspirational and well crafted tutorials from some of the best instructors in the community. Including Katie Emmitt, Marawa the Amazing, Deanne Love, Hoopsmiles, and many others.…

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June 2017 ICChallenge

Join in the fun, learning and embrace your inner hooping dinosaur with the June 2017 Infinite Circles Challenge. Designed by Amanda Persons. Sponsored by SLIT WEAVE.  use the hashtag #ICChallenge on facebook or Instagram.

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ICCommunity Spotlight: Sarah Abram

Infinite Circles Community Spotlight: Sarah Abram Interview   Sarah, congratulations on winning Infinite Circle Community’s 25,000 member celebration contest!  Please tell us a little about your journey, how did you get started hooping? The first time I ever saw a hooper, it was Rachel Lust when she released her “Groove” video!  I was doing a…

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Halloween Hoop Costumes

Part of being a hoop dancer is hoop dancing as much as you can. You get known for taking your hoops with you everywhere. Halloween is an exciting opportunity to dress up and hoopers work extra hard on finding unique ways to incorporate their prop in their costumes. You can color coordinate your prop with…

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Infinite Circles Feature: World Hoop Day 2016

The greatest hoop holiday has finally circled back around- World Hoop Day! The World Hoop Day (WHD) event takes place each year on the first Saturday of October. World Hoop Day 2016 will be happening October 1st. Are you ready to spin with the whole planet? This article will take you through the history of…

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Interview: Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy

Infinite Circles has spent the week sitting down with the professionals of Rhythmic Gymnastics to better understand the events happening this weekend.  Speaking with me today is Polina Kozitskiy from Philadelphia School. The Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy specializes in world-class gymnastics instruction. They have produced gymnasts who are part of the US National Team, Future Stars and Youth…

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Ovsanna Mkhchian: Gymnastics Program Director

Ovsanna Mkhchian To continue our preparation for the Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) in the upcoming Olympic Games, we asked RG Coach and Judge Ovsanna Mkhchian some basic questions to help us understand the sport. Ovsanna is the sole supervisor of 40 rhythmic gymnasts, and Program Director of Ararat Rhythmic Gymnastics in Los Angeles, CA. (They are…

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