Featured Hoopers Jan 5 2018

Nofar Abergel aka Hoopinginspace

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Hi !! My name’s Nofar, I’m 20 years old and I live in brooklyn, New York. I’ve been hooping for a year and 8 months, I started getting into doubles 8 months ago, and I’ve also been gloving for almost 3 years. This summer, my dream of becoming sponsored by my favorite hoop shop came true. It really is amazing to be able to represent Lunar Landings and I’m so honored to be apart of their team. I’m also honored to be a part of this wonderful flow art community! I have met so many amazing people through hooping and flow arts, and I’ll forever be grateful for it. My IG is @hoopinginspace let’s be friends ✨💜 much love 🌙

Scarlet Hooper

I've been hula hooping for over 6 years now, I'm from Dunkirk MD and my favorite flow prop is a hoop, of course lol. I would like to get into staff tho and I will be getting an led hoop soon. Also, I love cats and have 4 of them. I have danced my whole life but I feel most comfortable dancing with a circle. 😊

Audra Martin aka MissHoopsALot

Audra Martin/MissHoopsALot-
Hey there, I’m Audra! I began flowing in early 2014 after watching a burlesque hooping video on YouTube. I made my first three hoops from PE tubing and learned all my new moves from the talented Deanne Love! A couple months into my hoop journey I saw a hooper sporting a stunning bright yellow hoop... and I knew I needed to have it! I purchased some colored Polypro and HDPE tubing to make my own and, with a little tubing leftover, sold a couple online. From that, MissHoopsALot  was born and 4 years later I’m still here crafting high quality hoops to the community I love! This community has taught me so much about myself and pushes me to grow every single day, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to serve it and be a part of it ⭕️⭕️