September 2017 Challenge

The Prize this month is 2 hoops and an enamel pin generously sponsored by Abbigalle Branch from Festival Treasures


September Hoop Prizes:

  • One Yellow Poly Pro Hoop
  • One Lime Green Poly Pro Hoop
  • On Fairy Hooper Enamel Pin
  • Hoop Stickers
September 2017 Hoop Contest Prizes

How to enter:

  1.  Post a video of yourself completing the challenge for the day in the Facebook Group or on Instagram.
  2. When posting your challenge, tag the day, the trick name, and use the hashtag #icchallenge

    Thats it!

    Each day is an opportunity for one entry.
    Posting to both instagram and facebook will only count as 1 entry per day.**Earn upto 30 entries this month for the drawing at the end of the month where one winner will be randomly selected

    **You are allowed to catchup/post late just make sure you label the day and trick you are posting for with each post.

Good luck and happy hooping.