June 2017 ICChallenge

Join in the fun, learning and embrace your inner hooping dinosaur with the June 2017 Infinite Circles Challenge.
Designed by Amanda Persons. Sponsored by SLIT WEAVE.  use the hashtag #ICChallenge on facebook or Instagram.

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Hi everyone! I'm Lori, a longtime admin from Unity of the Hula Hoopers and the director of Infinite Circles. I'm a professional hoop dance instructor and a HoopYogini Master Trainer. I have been dancing most of my life, but found hooping in 2010. My life has since been forever changed! I regularly perform with local circuses, teach weekly classes, lead workshops at festivals and teacher training's at some of the most majestic places on Earth! Life is Awesome! The community of hoopers and flowers, yogini's and other magical people that I have come into my life since I started hula hooping is amazing. I truly hope to create a space with Infinite Circles where we can all be together (virtually), sharing, and lifting each other up. I believe we are all ONE, on many paths, and the hoop, the circles all coming together to shine brightly into infinity! Other bits about me: I currently reside in South Carolina. I have worked with children for 20 years, in many ways (camp counselor, executive nanny, personal care provider), and am presently working with 2 autism spectrum boys. I love dancing, I attended Clemson University, grew up outside of Rochester, NY. I have volunteered in Costa Rica, I'm open to travelling and seeing more of the world. I'm a libra, a lightworker, and an all around fun person to hang out with. If you're ever in my 'hood, you are welcome to come hoop and play with me!